Birthday Glam

Hey guys!!! CELEBRATIONS ON THE GO! Put on your party hats, people! Its Birthday Time !!



On the night of the 21st that was a Thursday…I wanted to have my family and friends close to me. People I could talk to around a lovely glass of wine and a delicious hot meal and so here I was with the best company ever..My paparazzi. We enjoyed some absolutely fabulous time and it was honestly the best night I could imagine. Because it was that simple. Nothing too over-the-top extravagant, just we two, great food, a place  I love Santorini the divine place and a lot of laughs! And in order to make the night a memorable one as it was super special event ( as I mentioned in my earlier post The trip was planned as it was My Birthday) We decided to make this article as a wonderful souvenir of a super fun night. + I needed to show you my outfit of course! Haha so I wanted something suave and bright, something that would make me happy and feel great! So I went for my favourite pieces : This was such an amazing look!! Perfect for a birthday girl :)all in all, i felt like this ensemble encapsulated where my style is right now. it was super stylish,layered but unfussy ~ just the way i like to feel!!

Oh and this dreamy photoshoot with my man who creates amazing wonders of portraiture inspired by the glamourai and svelete set up.











From this delicious room I’ll remember the incredibly mellow plush floor, the ambience.. the sofas that were a constant invitation to sweet lazyness, so was the  jacuzzi, and the huge courtesan-like dressing room absolute fantasy of anyone that can no longer find room for their clothes at home…Two days in heaven, during which we sometimes remember to drop the camera, in order to fully enjoy these magical moments…sparkles with a thousand glitters, the Night Porter shines with the much darker light of a elegant melancholy, like the glaucous green gleam . And of course the elegance of an audacious red makes me think of a whole world of artistic emotions earing on my lips. Perks of being into beguiling place. I totally enjoyed the shoot and the fanciable pictures!!




In This Look

Dress : Forever 21  |  Solitaire : My engagement ring  |  Flower Ring : Peora  |  Bracelet: Accessorize & Newlook

 Earings: Moedbuille  |  Shoes: Koovs (love them)

Photographs by Shashvat Kumar

                                    Location:     Maison Des Lys,   Akrotiri.   Santorini.

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 With Love


Be Gorgeous!

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