Living The Dream : Santorini


Travelling is the biggest luxury and most beautiful thing that exists. My passion, these values, they’re all shared by my man, and that’s the reason why we get along with each other so incredibly well..haha he plans really well .It was something! the island’s cliffs appeared as though they were covered in snow.  It was so gorgeous that it made my heart hypnotise.. I fantasize .. Santorini is idyllic, breathtaking and super romantic.


Now was the tie to explore this beautiful northern part of the Island named Oia.   Itis built on a steep slope of the caldera, providing amazing views.
A must-see while on Santorini is the village of Oia (pronounced “ee-aa“). Here you’ll find those red cliffs, white windmills, and blue-domed churches from the postcards. We arrived to our villa and got our minds blown away by the view on volcanos and endless deep blue water.We had our stay for 2.5 days in Oia In the beautiful accomadation of Golden Sunset Villas.The one famous for the sunset view in Oia. Ahhh yes yes we grabed our bookings for the Windfull Suits there and it wssssas fantabulous.Still getting bewitched by the place. The feeling of being on the top of the world was in the for sunset …The best view of my life and one to explore the town whenever you want. And I fell in love. Yayy reveling my love affair here 🙂

Oia is absolutely stunning, and is worth a few hours of your time at the very least. I fell in love with the blue-domed churches and the narrow passageways that winded between the white-walled buildings.I had always pictured myself exploring the small streets and then simply sitting and enjoying the views from a cliff-side cafe. strolling beside the iconic white buildings, free to swim in the glistening waters of an infinity pool high on the cliff, free to enjoy a delicious dinner as I watch the warm sun set on the caldera.To reflect on the explosion of emotions and things I’ve experienced lately. , what a pleasure to have this little grecian dress floating to the beat of the wind,how enthraling is the fun of walking bare foot on the steps of the beautiful white castle.. how incredible to be able to hear the waves dancing and the sky changing colors as the time goes by…You can choose to walk along and look down, observing your feet without ever looking up. But if you do look up, so much beauty is around, if you simply choose to see it.

Not a day goes by that I don’t dream about returning to Santorini. I had this super clear image of a  photo shoot there and that’s exactly what we ended up doing!  I had loads of pictures in mind to get clicked in all of my colourful outfits. Ohh I love colours and what better then to have a shoot in a tranquil village of Oia and my suite.Voila! I hope you will enjoy my these amazing set of few images.




Follow the Caldera steps


IMG_20150523_122731 IMG_20150524_091435






White Dress: A grecian dress found in the store from Plaka Athens  | Purple Dress: Forever 21 | Ring : Koovs

Sunnies: Charles and Keith

Location: Golden Sunset Villa. Oia. Santorini

Photographs by Shashvat Kumar

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