Bohemian Soul

24 MAY 2015

Santorini as it’s a place I’ve always wanted to discover and see with my bare eyes. I couldn’t have been more impressed by this majestic beauty. Of course, visiting the villages was on my bucket list. Santorini is definitely not the kind of discrete and shy place. It’s all about the more…
During this stay, we were completely honoring and celebrating the real roots of the place which is travel, luxury, leisure and pleasure.My outfit of the day was all about a little boho vibe, very casual and beach ready but at the same time with a needed touch of edginess and chic. And please, if you want to find the way to my heart, bring me a plate of oven baked eggplant stuffed with feta cheese and tomatoes (a typical Santorini dish) or a Greek Salad Moussaka. I die. So good.What a magical feeling it is to feel full, stomach filled up with incredible, fresh food. So heading to exploring the villages and they are so damm gorgeous and lively with so warm people around. Hope you guys will enjoy my little escape in Emporio Village which happened to be a studio set up for us..yes it was utterly beautiful .


      New-0231      New-0228 New-0218New-0168





Maxi Dress : Forever 21 | Shoes : Salt  N Pepper

Photographs By : Shashvat Kumar

The Emporio Village . Santorini

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