Save The Date : My Wedding Story

Hello loves!!After a luxuriously quiet weekend going on I think its the perfect time to announce a launch of new series for which I’m soo excited …..Yayyy my Own Wedding Series!!!

Now that I am getting back into blogging after a brief haitus I wanted to start a new series for which I have been thinking since I started planning my own wedding. Guys it all happened in 2014 yeahh its been more then a year… But somehow could not devote so much time in blogging. Now here I am all devoted and fully excited to start with it.

With my new birth as a blogger I wanted to reach my passion and do a series that is geared towards a very important group of people- BRIDES & GROOMS!! With wedding season quickly approaching, I decided this would be a perfect time to share some tips for the couple!! So I will be going through the entire wedding and all the sequence step-by-step and explaining how to get the most out of each part of the day! I hope my this feature goes up to next level to have a weddings from all the new couples getting into the union of togetherness!!

SAVE THE DATE adorbs few more days til we launch the first episode of our wedding series “WE SAID YES”

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We’ll be using the hashtag ‪#‎wesaidyes‬ so we can keep the conversation going! Would love to hear your thoughts on the series! To be honest i’m getting a bit nervous but i’m sooo excited to share with you guys my journey up until this point!!!

Cheers to coupling !!


Love Richa

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