Intro As A Couple #wesaidyes : A New Series on Blog

Welcome to the introduction of my new series “WESAIDYES“! I will be updating the whole series as me being in the present and I am planning my wedding to come!! So yes it going to be a past affair with me being in the present !! whuhoo so excited to relive all my moments again !! 🙂

 I’m extremely excited about my wedding, it’s been quite overwhelming planning it all out. Also excited to post my first post for the brand new series !! ..getting goosebumps..

This series will be an 8 part series that will give you all the sneak peaks for plannings and feelings till the D Day. Each week I’ll feature a new post in the series that focuses on a key wedding planning decision .I’ll cover everything from where to start when you first get engaged, styling your engagement photos, working with a wedding planner, finding the perfect dress and so much more! I’ll be sharing our first episode in two days!


My eyes could see a couple of forevers !!

Gudnite folks !! Have a dreamy dream !!


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