I Hear Wedding Bells: Wedding Checklist



Hey folks..here I am with my First Episode of We Said Yes”All of it  started in 2013 when I met this man on Facebook ohh yess credit is all your Mr. Facebook !! We happened to be friends and solely became best of friends  followed by sharing our day to day lives.


The least I knew was only a good relationship but this question of togetherness popped into my better half mind who randomly raised this question to me and voilla all stunned and surprised I was. Being a girl who happens to be I am the honest answer was to lemme give a thought about it and still kept on chatting.

Least I knew he would flew away all the way from miles apart ( ohh yes he was in U.S when all this relationship took away ) we were skyping and messaging all this while…  ahhh a long distance relationship arghhh can it be done?? was also a concern ! He visited India in May 2013 ..where it all started !And yes it all happened to be with me on my Birthday . It was a big surprise to know that our families have been in talking terms to get an official meeting for us .. yes we too had our official meet with both the family sides . It was a stunning day with all smiles and happiness of meeting for the very first time and even knowing the person in and out all together !! I am reliving the jitters I was going through.

Finally the important question again popped up and to his surprise I said yes ..whooaaa a speechless moment for us and within a blink of eye we were Engaged !!

So, I ( i mean we still getting familiar with us ) just got engaged! Congrats!! we have found our true love + best friend and are about to embark on the most exciting time of your lives! the courtship period..

Pretty amazing feeling inst it ??

Somewhere in the middle of August I realized that despite having decided the wedding date almost 7 months in advance, taking 2 week’s leave from work before the wedding was not going to be enough to wrap up all the preparations.There were so many things going in my mind . OK here is a little secret I always wanted a white day wedding . The fairy tales ones with less of all the drama and eliminating the festivities wedding gets you in our Indian traditions. Alas ! My parents had some different dreams they wanted a fully royal affair as I was born and bought up in Jaipur ( Rajasthan ) a place for destination weddings with all the rituals and colorful festivities. So the idea of white wedding chucked off and my brain started working to imagine my royal  colorful wedding in Jaipur.

Back to the point I have 7 months in advance to kick off for the D Day. I prepared my check list the dresses, Pre-bridal, Pre- wedding shoot and umpteen number of smaller things – getting pretty tassels attached to my wedding blouse, reception outfit, decor, invitations etc etc etc!( damm I am a Bride ) I didn’t want the days to pass by in a blur. ( Have heard and seen some of the brides getting screwed up for their own wedding )

I wanted to relax in those last 10 days. So I went ahead and followed my gut and resigned from work. my parents insisted that I take it easy till the wedding. They said, the stress has already started to show on your face, just chill and we’ll take care of everything. I argued with myself, and also wanted to ensure everything has to be according to what I wanted in my wedding. And anyway I think it’s the first episode of my wedding series and enough of my personal experience got disclosed . Ohh all those moments are forever etched in my heart.

It is a bit overwhelming with planning the wedding, but you can easily avoid the craziness if you just apply a bit of strategy to your wedding planning process and this all what I have experienced in my wedding and wanted to share with you all some useful tips. In the first episode, I will talk all about what to do when you first get engaged, along with tips to help with the wedding planning process. I hope you lovelies will enjoy this!


My 5 Tips for what to do when you first get engaged and start your wedding Preparations!!

♥ Enjoy it!
There’s no need to begin thinking about the details right away…there will be plenty of time for that, trust me. My first bit of advice to new brides-to-be is to not talk about the actual wedding that much immediately following your engagement.  Because as early you discuss and plan the details you tend to keep looking for more options resulting getting messed up and confused. Just enjoy this exciting time for the two of you and think of your future together. There’s plenty of time for details later when dates get closer, but this is the only time to celebrate your new engagement….so enjoy it 🙂

♥ Find your style….as a couple 🙂
Time to dream! What kind of style do you both see for your d day?  We both wanted a one day affair  followed by a reception. Things do wary with the opinion of our elders. Don’t focus on the details, but instead make sure you’re on the same page as far as the overall style and theme of your wedding. Once you’ve determined the style + theme of your wedding, many of the decisions on details will start to just fall into place.

If you’re like most brides-to-be, simply determining your style as a couple can be a daunting task since it’s not something you typically do prior to your big day. As such, you should do some research to learn about what types of weddings are possible and see how other happy couples have combined their personal styles into beautifully designed weddings. A great place to start is looking at our the trending wedding blogs real bride section ( yay I wish to have it soon on blog maybe ) These blogs have different types according to the preference with details of all the trending unique decor, music, clothes, pictures ideas, photographers,mehendi, styles etc. I personally read all the possible blogs and as I mentioned I wanted a white wedding which somehow was not getting conceptualized . Even though I wanted some element of my interest in wedding so we planned our Pre wedding on this theme ( you can see a post on Pre wedding  in my coming episodes) . These blogs are super helpful with ideas to plan out the things.

♥ Set Your  Budget + Guest List
Now that you’ve identified your style as a couple, a serious talk about the budget is a must. Having a well defined budget at this point will help to inform your future planning decisions and ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises later on. Trust me, prices vary quite a bit for everything that goes into your wedding, so having a budget beforehand will simplify your life quite a bit.

Size Matters! The more guests you have the more budget you will need.  As we all know Indian weddings have a huge list of guest believe me . The decision to have a final list keeps on varying till the final day . Be extra careful to select your guest as this the most important day of your life which should be filled with happy faces and happiness blooming all around. It automatically creates an enriching environment which can be seen on your face and family too.

• Prioritize: If you are on a budget, pick your top 3 areas to focus on and spend the majority of your budget there. The rest will fall into place. (ie, for us  those 3 areas of focus were photography (you will have the photos to remember this day for the rest of your lives), venue (a great venue saves on decor + sets the overall tone) and food (we wanted great food for our guests!). Although mine was attires too . So basically 4 areas of interest …I am a bride guys who is crazy for her wardrobe !

Book your salon Brides : The very first thing to start with the preparations I did the booking of  salon for my pre bridal and bridal procedures. Selecting down on the final one is a big task. I made a list of best salons available in town and made sure to go researched about them . Book a trial session and experience the hands on treatment . This helps in easily listing down the ones which worked for you . The most important factor here is  your comfort with the salon hairstylist, makeup person and the budget. Treatments vary with every next salon procedures.  I was done with the booking in September to start with my beauty treatments from mid of October. So Brides to be get this thing done on advance.

♥ Find a Venue
Next up, find the perfect venue that satisfies both your style and budget. This helps set the tone and will influence the rest of your decisions. Searching for a venue after you’ve selected your style + theme will save you a lot of time, as venue visits can take a good bit of time since they’re not always close to one another. There will be lots of options to look for and you need to pay visit to each places jotted down. Keeping your style visit the ones which suits you and your decor and food style which you are planning for. This saves lots of time.

♥ Time to Start Picking your Wedding Artists
Now it’s time to start picking the perfect Wedding Artists.Wedding Artists are the wedding professionals that will capture your day, help design your day, design fashion accessories + gorgeous dresses, cater your day and so so much more! You’ll want to make sure the artists you hire for your day are 100% reliable….since no one wants a surprise on their wedding day. In addition to browsing the blog guides ( Oh I am a blog freak have searched so many of them available for the wedding) Anyways  I also recommend talking with friends who recently got married to see if they have any recommendations. Regardless of where you find your artists, make sure their style is similar to yours and can create a beautiful decor according to your preferences.

Tip: Do discuss every detail earlier before finalizing the artists as getting things messed up in the last moments can give you jitters. Make sure the final product is aptly according to your expectation.

Does anyone have any other advice to add? Things that worked or didn’t work for you? I’d love to hear in the comments.

And next week I am talking inspo photos! Do you need them, what to wear, what location, invitations , photographs etc. If you have any questions you’d like to make sure I cover, please leave your questions in the comments. Can’t wait to share all the exciting I went through with you all!!

Have a beautiful day !

Happy coupling ! Happy planning !

xoxo !!

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