An Island Tale: Santorini (Greece)


Travel is vision. So just explore the place and to go ahead with the thought we did a photography tour which was so helpful Olaf our photographer guide took us to untapped villages where we could Talk to locals.And wander and take beautiful photographs. Such planning takes you to the places which may just not be listed anywhere,or even if it is,you’d rather enjoy your own time. Santorini doesn’t always have to mean Volcanic tour or Oia .It can also mean your own search for exploration elsewhere.

Emporio Cultural Village is a small unspoilt village on a hill with a maze of tiny streets in Santorini.So small,that that it takes a while to grasp the peacefulness around. Even a pin drop would be felt a little away from the main road. The main entrance has the church and has local coffee and eatery shop with people mostly from the village who come or tourists would have known.

As we entered the village we had the question popping up our mind and  asked on why the homes in Santorini are white.He first said ‘Because they like the color’,and then stopped in amusement and said wait its because it keeps us cool during summers and hot during winters.
A cafe hiding inside the Emporio Village . He was way too happy to see and serve us.
48e7a8_5d2bba4d4afc423f8c95ff0f760d17a0Beautiful exterior of the houses in the village. So calm and neat.
48e7a8_0e0a544546b04ffb9a4cef568755f78cThe lady walking on her way to Chapel . She was very friendly and loved getting clicked.
New-0159The Red door leads to mysterious place above high.
New-0145Such an amazing architecture with serene colours.
Megalohori lies on a hill creating a labyrinth of steep alleys and streets. The uncountable vineyards which extend beyond the countryside offer a magnificent setting and the best wines in Santorini. Megalochori is definitely a place to experience the rich tradition. In the center of the village, there a wonderful traditional square with taverns, restaurants and trees providing shade for a quick cup of coffee. The square is the heart and soul of Megalochori. It is one of the most picturesque villages on the island.
                                        48e7a8_07a4239a710b4d66bc09e2dfaec8ed53 48e7a8_3396664a688741c18ce287bb7bd7fdfe

 Have talked about a lot in my earlier post which is entirely dedicated to Oia. Here are few of the more pictures from the streets of Oia. We walked the town of Oia (pronounced as “ee-aa) both the days and really enjoyed it. It is also known as ‘Apano Meria’ or ‘Anomeria’ and the inhabitants are called ‘Apanomerites’ Little quaint shops of local handicrafts, restaurants, bakeries and churches lined the streets of Oia .Oia in the far north is very beautiful, and known for its artists’ colony. With its blue domed churches and white buildings set along the cliffs. Oia is little  less commercialized version of Fira and the shops there are more artsy. The landscape  at Oia is way prettier too. Oia town is what you see on most postcards depict Santorini. So we were lucky we decided to stay in Oia!

48e7a8_820a3fa57cbc43de998586f39e38f088The Taxi. Donkeys ride is the means of transport for people .

48e7a8_7fa34e5ffb0249f09cdef70a32daa672The famous Postcards stand in the local shop at Oia.

New-0678Stairs to creativity. Museum of Art.

New-0570The ceremaic art. What beautiful pieces in a beautiful place.


Santorini You are my Love Affair. You are breathtaking. You are magical. your beauty is surpassing.Greek Islands have made me wanderous. Have loads of picture more to share and will be doin so as I will go ahead in my further post. I know you fall in  love with the pictures like I am !!
Photography by Shashvat Kumar and My Phone
 Have a dreamy day ! Stay fabulous!
Love Adorbs

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