The Acropolis: Athens (Greece)

Athens is a unique city in my eyes.Going with all the learnings from the books, movies I was pretty impressed by the Greek culture their significance..mythologies ..the food. So visiting the mainland was something that was new to me and I wondered how it might color my impressions of the country as a whole. And whoohoo I was in Athens

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 This was the much awaited trip to the Greek Land. I was in the capital (Athens) for just three nights but, in addition to seeing many of the main sights, here’s a handful of some of the more unusual encounters and the feelings. Athens is a city that has something to offer many tourist types: the culture and history buffs, the party people, the tourists that enjoy the perks of a coastal city during hot summers, and the lovers of mouth-watering, nutritional Mediterranean cuisine. Athens is also the European capital with the most Blue Flag beaches ohhh yess.. can refer to my earlier posts. This is the birthplace of democracy, drama and is also close to the islands of the Saronic Gulf, enchanting villages and ancient historical cities.

Athens the ancient city of philosophy, democracy, and ancient gods, is dominated by the awe-inspiring Acropolis looming over the roofs of the city. It is well-known that Athens was the intellectual beacon of the ancient world. Greek civilization was admired for its preeminent philosophers, scientists and politicians and you can’t write about Athens without paying tribute to the thinking, innovation and democracy that blossomed here and shaped the world as we know it today. Taking its name from the most benevolent goddess of Greek mythology, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, inspiration and civilisation, the city’s role in history proudly justifies her patronage.

This city was yet another fantastic thing that surprised me in a positive way, an incredible immersion in one of the oldest and precious cultures that man has ever created.When I arrived to Athens, I could not wait to see the Acropolis. Walking towards it and getting my first glimpse was exhilarating. I knew the Acropolis was the “High City”, but it was much higher than I was expecting, built on an almost completely vertical, flat-topped pedestal of rock. As grand as the Acropolis is, it manages to stand in harmony with its natural setting.






After driving around Athens and getting a quick feel for the city, we made our way up to the attraction I’d been waiting all cruise to see…The Acropolis. We could see Acropolis Hill from the Temple of Zeus and as we drove by Panathenaic Stadium, but nothing compares to walking up its cobblestone streets and standing before the Parthenon with your own two feet. I was nothing short of awe-struck as I stood among such history, gazing out over the entire city of Athens with views of Lycabettus Hill in the distance. And here is my “pinch me” moment of being Greek. Add the Acropolis to your bucket list guys.  It was like a blogger’s dream! We spent about 45 minutes taking it all in…the mythical temple, the gorgeous sea views, the tiny partridges that were running willy-nilly across the rocks. I couldn’t have been happier that we chose to escape the hustle and bustle of Athens to see a bit of history by the sea.

A day I had the fortune to share with 7 for all mankind, who took me by the hand in this new adventure perhaps far from everything I’ve done lately. You guys know how much I love travelling and having the chance to breathe the same air (with my imagination ) that also Venus, Minerva and the beautiful Zeus breathed, gave me strength and at the same time made me feel kind of fragile in front of so much wonder.

The Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mediterranean flavors, walking along the neighborhood of Kolonaki From almost any point within Athens, you can see the Acropolis standing high above the city, a monumental beauty built in homage to Athena, the goddess of wisdom..As with all archaeological sites, I found the history surrounding the Acropolis to be intriguing. It’s easy to see why it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and regarded as the most important ancient monument in the Western World. Ahhh have so much to tell you all as Athens has toatally mesmerizes me with all the history and the glam it possess. I hope I can give you the taste of all what I have been and seen in this captivating city.

48e7a8_68eb7b7b64834ce788ba12022d12b84eSome behind the scenes..The grand entrance to the Acropolis.

























We walked around the Acropolis for about two hours, getting wind-blown and bliss ed out on ancient Greek architecture . Thereafter we planned to have “us” time on a hill atop and gazing the stunning city and started our wait for the sunset as my bae wanted some sunset pictures with Acropolis… ohh it was sooo beautiful!! The moment made an incredible romantic senerio… 🙂





New-9317The night view of Acropolis from the Plaka street.

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Photographs by Shashvat Kumar

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