Pinispiration : Wedding Motherboard

Wedding Moodboard

As you all know, I am newly engaged and am about to be planning a wedding.Today marks exactly 2 months until our wedding. I have spent days in searching for the inspiration for wedding dress , vendors, decor and invitations. I also spent the weekend searching for the venue ( as I have mentioned in my last post about the type of wedding we are planning ) There’s a lot of exciting things that we are working on. I am so excited to start putting everything together but decided to wait until after the bird arrives before I start.I have been a busy little bee, planning our wedding for this upcoming January. I can not even tell you the range of emotions that comes with this task. So much excitement, butterflies and stress all rolled into one. It’s coming together slowly but surely after months of procrastination. I can’t help but browse the wedding blogs to get inspired now and then. It’s going to be pretty spectacular if i do say so myself. I have a wedding folder on my desk top that is packed full of inspiration, wedding plans, venue information and more where i stash little things I find here and there on the web.

I’m constantly tagging images online, ripping out pages of magazines and filing things away that I’ve deemed as inspirational. The problem with this method is that it quickly becomes cluttered chaos that overwhelms instead of inspires. Enter: Pinterest and few of my very favorite wedding sites is Asian Wedding Ideas and The Crimson Bride and Adorn from the west. they have featured some incredible wedding ideas for the choosy soul like me to enjoy a beautiful affair and has me so inspired.

For now here are some inspirations that I have gathered for the wedding…let me know your thoughts & ideas. I can use as much help as possible in making my dream wedding into a reality

Remember if you have read my earlier post I have suggested to have a discussion between both of you and decide on the preferences of the wedding . So here is a colorful couple opinion of what we wanted to look some part of our wedding to be..Let’s start with your big rentals: tables, chairs + rugs, because let’s face it…..not many people have access to enough stylish pieces to design a full wedding take a peek… 🙂

Since many brides want help from experts on certain details, I thought it would be fun and helpful to highlight a few super websites that can make your dream day even more unique! If you have a wedding planner, they can help you find companies like these, but if not, we are sharing some of the secrets today! 🙂

By now you all must have an idea of how I want the color palette for the wedding. So these are some inspos I was looking forward.I also need to decide on flowers… I want them everywhere! and the most important of all… i still need to find my wedding dress.I have two vintage dresses that were options, but neither of them seem like “the one” so I’m on the hunt. dress shopping is over whelming to say the least. I know what I have in mind but just haven’t found anything that measures up. Say yes to The next post..have been trying so many of them !!


Photographs : Pinterest

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