The Beach Nymphs

I resisted Goa for a long time.Earlier this year, I wandered across the beaches of South Goa with Street Wear Color Rich and rainbow  to bring to you the best places to go to when in Goa.



 Our first stop was Baga beach and though it is one of my least favorite beaches in Goa, the shops and little stalls lining either sides of the road, make it a compelling shopping destination.  We quicky head over to or house of beach at Anjuna Beach up the north Goa. Yes here it resides our resort . The beach here, with it’s multi-colored beach beds, outdoor showers, countless thrift shops, cool blue waters is a dream. Top that off with numerous choices of beach huts to stay in, all facing the sea and only footsteps away from the nearest wave.










There is little one can do but be barefaced at the beach. The constant wind, the moist air and the possibility of taking a dip in the waves makes for a good case of staying away from anything sticky and/or heavy on the skin. Especially if you have a case of serious sea-salt eyes, *solemnly raises one hand*; wherein the sea water burns the crap out of your eyeballs on the slightest touch, you would rather stay away from any of those black addictions packaged in the form of a mascara or eye-liner for this one. While my usual beach-skin-care routine involves nothing but oodles of moisturizer and an expectant glow for floating serenely hours on end, there are days when a bit of color on the tan cannot hurt. Thus a powder compact and a moisturizing lip color seem like the next best thing to baring it all.

In an attempt to encapsulate the spirit of the monsoon in a fashionable story for Fashionara. I came up with the play of colors of rainbow along with the special and strings of togetherness in the photos .














Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick 17 Pink Champagne & 27 Spell Bound | StreetWear Color Rich Nail Enamel ‘After Party’ |Forever New Necklace |Hair accessory by Forever 21
Dress by Fashionara | Sunglasses by Armani
Photography by Shashvat Kumar Photography

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Love Richa!

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