Crucial tips for Bridal Trousseau

Hey Fellas …I know this is my late post for the series #myweddingseries. As was busy in shifting to my new house and all the set up became my full time job. Neways here is my next post as promised about tips for your wedding dress shopping.

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Like most brides, I too looked forward to the “finding the dress”  stage of planning a wedding more than any other. Something about row upon row of beautiful lehengas and sarees just makes my heart soar (not quite as high as the day I went from “girlfriend” to “fiance” but it was a close second) and the racks at all the stores I strolled on were filled with gorgeous colors and brand new collection along with the customization were no exception.

To find my dream dress, I traveled  to sunny Delhi with my mum to meet with the designer collection and the local shops in the city. I searched at Frontier bazaar, Frontier Rass, Ritu Kumar, Anantam, Meena Bazaar,Nalli Silks ( Ohh I have got some amazing sarees from dere I real treasure 🙂 ) Chandni Chock and many more.  I also payed the visit to Bridal Asia Celebrating Vivaha..Ohh I have started reliving my bridezilla moments again.

Bridal shopping can be exciting and fun but on the flip side it can be overwhelming and confusing too. So here’s a ten few tips that might help…

#Tip One


Have an idea with  of what you want before you step foot in a bridal shop.Find dresses you love via magazines and Pinterest before you head to the stores. Come armed with magazine tears, style numbers, and designer names. Making a decision will be so much easier if you narrow your choices down ahead of time.Wherever you decide to do your shopping do your research. I did my wedding shopping in Jaipur and Delhi and I’m an avid reader of Indian fashion magazines. So getting a basic list was easy enough but I still carried on asking family and friends for recommendations. I also read a lot of Indian wedding blogs and that’s how my list doubled. I made sure I had each store’s address, telephone number, opening times and price range.

#Tip Two


It’s great to have an idea of what you’d like to wear. I know so many brides who create a scrap book or Pinterest boards ( SEARCH MY PINTEREST you will find boards I saved for myself) on outfits they like. BUT does it mean those styles suit you? when you try them.For both my wedding and engagement lehengas – I had to be made to try them on by my mum . I wasn’t keen on either of them on the hanger – neither were what I had imagined I’d wear. but when I wore them it was a different story- I loved them both. So be open minded and try different styles & colours.

#Tip Three


I’d say the first thing to do is to set a budget for all your bridal outfits. And make a list of how many pieces you need. Be flexible within your budget. It’s tempting to break down your budget-allocating certain amounts to different occasion outfits but it doesn’t always work like that.I had in mind that I’d spend around 80k for my engagement gown and I ended up buying a gorgeous limited edition piece for 50k with all the customization I wanted.

                                                            #Tip Four


Right so I know alot of brides leave their wedding shopping till the last minute in order to shop once they’ve got down to their ideal weight. But the biggest disadvantage to this is that it reduces your options when shopping. You may have to buy off the rack designs that are than adjusted to fit you or may have a nail biting time hoping your ordered piece comes in time. Remember custom orders can take between 1-6 months (and maybe even longer) to make. My engagement lehenga was ordered 6 weeks in advance and wedding 7 weeks.I personally would recommend brides have all their pieces with them at least a month before their wedding. This allows time to get any adjustments done as well as hair and make up trials done with the outfits and of course any last min accessory shopping. Begin the process early — but not too early!

While it can be so fun to try on dress after beautiful dress, my biggest advice is not to stress or put too much pressure on the experience. Before my magical appointments at all the shops, I tried all the different stunning shops in Jaipur closer to home and left pretty happy with all the collections. But as my bridezilla enthusiam I wanted to go little further on strolling to all the designers places and local shops in Delhi too.The dresses at my first shop didn’t feel quite like ‘me’ and I needed to check-in with myself and reprioritize before diving back in. So here is the tip..Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to discover the perfect option from the beginning. It takes time to find your dream dress!On the other hand, if you buy your dress too early, you run the risk of second-guessing your choice in the months leading up to the wedding day. So time your bridal shopping appropriately.

#Tip Five


Don’t feel like you need an audience. Reality shows always depict a huge party of loved ones helping the bride step into her dress but too many opinions can cloud your judgement. If you’re a little more myself (like I am), know that it’s totally okay to go with one close friend.I went to shop for all my bridal trousseau with my mum.Take your bridal shopping seriously. There may be hangers on that want to join you- because for them its a fun day out! but for you its another opinion that you might not necessarily want. I shopped with my mum and she know me and I trust  her- that’s why when she made try on styles I wasn’t sure of I did!

#Tip Six


When choosing what kind of style will suit you.Is your dream wedding at a royal destination or at a farm, near the ocean, or at a church? Also take your rituals seriously ..Wedding differ in North and South India with different religions.Take these things into consideration when choosing your dress fabric, length, and style.

  #Tip Seven


Our weddings have so many different events. Make sure you mix up your looks so you look different on each occasion. A friend of mine  at a recent wedding ended up wearing either a cream or white based outfits ONLY! So make sure you go for looks that suit the event- if you’re having a beach party wearing a heavy lehenga that you can’t move in just isn’t going to work.

#Tip Eight


 When you find the designer of your dreams, you’ll know it! I have tried almost so many styles of wedding dresses that just didn’t feel like me.Assess the things that make you comfortable, know your style and be patient. There’s something out there for everyone!

#Tip Nine


Once you’ve found your dress, the next step will be to block out appointment times for fittings. You’ll probably need two to three fittings to really get your dress perfect.But if, after the third fitting, you’re not absolutely thrilled with the way things are, don’t be afraid to ask for another session. You’re entitled to have your dresses just how you want it.Its mandatory girls..right?

                                                               #Tip Ten

                                                     BE HAPPY             


Lastly and importantly- you’ve got to be happy in what you’re wearing! If everyone loves an outfit but you don’t- don’t get it! It’s your wedding, your choice! Have fun! This process only comes around once and you should savor it. Pamper yourself and give yourself grace to relax. You will find the perfect dress! ❤

I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable, beautiful and cherished all these moments  made me feel during this special time! I still remember how my mum gave me those comments which made my eyes sparkle with joy  “You look like sunshine.” and I knew I’d found ‘the one’!

p.s. I’ve already picked my lehengas and sarees (and can’t wait to reveal our wedding photos !) Soon..Sooner..yes sure I will !!



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