Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Every girl , once in her lifetime has dreamt of that perfect wedding where everything is aptly according to her desire ..from the minute details of  arrangements to the most important element of a bride..Her wedding Dress!! Be it her saree or the lehenga choli when it comes to decide a bridal trunk wherein a bride encounter a series of concerns like..what type of bridal dress will suit me ?? Sighh!! I am been through all this dilemma. 🙂

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a lehenga for your Body type .


 Pear body shape

Pear Shape - Sonam Kapoor
If you have a body with slightly smaller upper body but heavier bottom with a defined wait line.The key to go ethnic for this body type is to draw attention to your slender waist and upper torso.
Cheat Sheet
  • Balance your curves by wearing blouses or kurtas that have both detailing and volume. Wear low-cuts to create an illusion of an elongated midriff and draw attention to the upper half of your body.
  • An A-line anarkali suit or a lehenga with a deep neckline is best for you. . It has to be narrow at the top and flares at the base, which will minimize the curvy bottom, naturally making it appear slimmer.
  • More attention should be given on blouse. It should have detailing and volume with embroidery or embellishments. Puff sleeves can be very helpful.
  • Wear smooth and soft fabric saris like Georgette or chiffon to avoid too much bulk and texture.
  • Go take some advantage of your slim waist by wearing a  low waist lehenga or draping a saree just below the navel!
  • Avoid fishtale or straight cut lehengas they will only accentuate your broader hips.Also do not wear a tube top or a halter neckline blouse.

Hourglass body shape:


Your curvy upper and lower body are similar in proportion and set off by a well defined waistline. It is probably the most coveted body type. It won’t take too much to pick out the right ethnic wear for the hourglass figure.Yayy you lucky girl!! don’t need any guide pretty much everything will look good on you.Your shape is all about tastefully showing off those curves and enhancing your natural assets.
Cheat Sheet
  • An A-line lehenga in a fluid fabric (Velvet, Georgette, Chiffon) that doesn’t stand stiff is most likely to complement you. Pair this with a short choli or a halter neckline or a corset to show off that waist of yours and you are on your way to look like a million bucks.Go bold!!
  •  A fishtail or a mermaid-style lehenga would compliment you like no other. It is fitted till the knee and then flares out till the bottom, accentuating your body beautifully.
  •  You can safely opt for a ruched blouse or a heavily embellished long jacket over your lehenga to add a little volume to your body.
  • Enjoy your diva status.

 Top Heavy/Inverted Triangle

If you have an apple-shaped body, most of your weight accumulates above your waist.  Your back, ribs and shoulders are broad, and you may feel wider than other body types.A good idea will be not to draw too much attention to your torso.
Cheat sheet
  • An A-line kurta or lehenga with cropped jackets or jacket lehenga will suit you because it provides angular structure underneath the chest and the wide hemline along the bottom can help make your waist appear smaller.
  •  Avoid stiff fabrics like brocade or tissue as they will make you look flat and rectangular.
  • Don’t opt for patiala salwars. Highlight your best asset- those legs! Wear a churidar as it will draw attention to your slender legs.
  • The embroidery and detailing should be delicate. The perfect way to avoid attention to your heavy torso.
  • Also try keeping the neckline as wide as possible, this will mask the broadness of your upper body.

Ruler-shaped/Straight body shape

Anushka Sharma - Ruler
Your upper and lower torso is equal in width with an average bust, an undefined waist, a flat buttock and slender legs.
Cheat Sheet
  • Wear a straight cut lehenga that resembles a wrap-around skirt or feel like a princess by adding a lot of flounce to your lehenga. Take care about giving the right amount of flare, though. Don’t overdo it!
  • Experiment with colour-blocking.
  • Adding statement accessories to give the illusion of volume to your body.
  • Choose a choli with a neckline that falls below the collarbone so as to give your upper torso an elongated look.

Petite Body Shape


You have tiny but feminine frame.You are lucky to experiment with wide range of varieties.High heels should be your best buddies.

Cheat Sheet

  •  Vertical stripes will add length to your look.  whereas A-line lehenga with U or halter neckline choli will look elegant and is considered to make you look the best.
  • Feel like queen by adding a lot of flounce in your lehenga or go for a red carpet model look by going for the slim fit.
  • A fitted mermaid style lehenga also works best but make sure it looks good and doesn’t elaborate  too much.
  • An off shoulder choli with elegant and neat detailing of embroideries , beads or sequins with a U shaped neckline work wonders to you.
  • Avoid heavy dupattas.

Athletic Body Shape/ Rectangular body shape

IMG_12578545035710Bollywood Celebrities in Designers Saris (4)

You are fit and slim just like an athlete.You are tall & slender.The key here is to enhance you look by adding volume and textures giving the illusion of curves.

Cheat Sheet

  • Choose a wide, full skirt in a stiff fabric to add volume at the bottom. A traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats is ideal. A saree with heavy details is perfect too.
  • Raw Silk or Net is perhaps the perfect fabric for you . Pair with a blouse that is low and plunging to create the illusion of curves.
  • V shape neckline with deep plunge is a smart step. Wear a saree or lehenga below navel will accentuate your slim waist.

Apple Shaped Body


Women with Ample blossom and weight is mostly evenly distributed, and specially your problem area is around your waist and tummy. You will have to work on your lower area by adding volume in your lehenga.

 Cheat Sheets

  • Sharara cut lehengas are your best friend. A longer length cholis with U or V shaped neckline paired with a fluid fabric lehenga looks absolutely fab. Even if you want to go with a shorter top- experiment with sharara cut lehengas- these are lehengas with a frill at the bottom and give the look and flow of a sharara.
  • Keep the blouse simple.Avoid still fabrics like brocade or tissues as they give a very flat look to your body. .Go with chiffon or Georgette The lehenga can be multi layered.Make sure you wear bras that lift your bust line
  • Wear a A cut lehenga to balance off the wider and heavier upper body.
I hope all of the above details will be super useful for all you brides or girls attending a wedding. just know your body and keep these little tips in mind and voilaa…you are there to shine and grab all the eyeballs for your style and persona.
Stay Gorgeous and Be the coolest Bride!! Enjoy.
Love ❤
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