The Best Day- The Wedding Invitation

The wedding series continues today with super special note of invite for our togetherness.2012 was a big year. While if you have read my earlier post you will know I usually like to delve too much into personal details on this little blog,and I reserve the right to do so when I believe it is necessary!  I got hitched back in January 2014 and we were very fortunate to have our wedding invitation designed by ourself. Yes you heard it right We designed our wedding invitation.


The overall design of our invitation suite was eclectic – just like us! We drew inspiration from some rustic as well as lavish design, the silver and blue/pink palette that we had already chosen for our wedding, This was our theme for the wedding as well . My love for biting off more than I (or we) can chew, and the bond that holds us together is all reflected in our card. How We met ..How we jelled up..what we both our relationship took off.. And when we decided to unite.. It is just what we like to do!

All this process was so emotionally attached to me ..You can find my love story as well as blessings which was poured in by my parents in form of a poem..ohh I love it..loved it and will always cherish those words from best supports in the world.This is just a taste of all of the crazy projects we worked on for our wedding day.We liked the idea of having our names in lights, so we designed a marquis around a pop-up mechanic. I wanted a logo with our initials name in the front. Each card was cut and glued by hand, then secured with a little silver leaf painting that I wanted of the two of us (top image) and wrapped in a silver-glitter belly band with blue and two pink leaflets of details.All of my efforts turned out really awesome.
I hope you will love My Wedding Invite as much as I do!!
 Some Important points which are must for The Wedding invitation.

When you’re selecting your wedding invitations, there’s a lot more to consider than just printing techniques and paper stocks. Just like every other step in the wedding planning process, there are rules of etiquette for how your invitations should be worded. There’s a lot to consider, but I tried to make things easy by breaking it down into bullet points. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about wording your wedding invitations…

Who’s Hosting?

Traditionally the bride’s parents are the hosts, but nowadays anything goes…If the bride’s parents are paying for the bulk of the wedding costs, include their names on the invitation.”
If the groom’s parents are also the ones hosting, their names are included as well.This trend is recently taking the importance. I feel its the best as both the sides have equal share in the wedding.

When is it Happening?

Addressing Your Invitations is the important task above all invitation task. All of the festivities should be properly explained as it becomes easy for the guest to understand the wedding along with the dates and venue of functions. Indian Weddings are the festivals of 3 4 days. Hence all the details should be mentioned in the details.

A Few More Things

Want to let guests know what to wear to your event? You can include an optional attire line in the bottom right hand corner.And most importantly portray  yourself and your family in the card. It shows the personal touch to your special event. I got our love story printed on the card and a poem from my parents.
I hope that helps! If you have any friends who are getting married, be sure to send them a link to this post. And, pin the image above to your Pinterest wedding board so you can pull up these facts the next time you need them!

What would your dream wedding invitations look like? I got mine !!

Rings: Our wedding rings

Photographs by Shashvat Kumar


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