Arabian Blues

In lieu of staying at your typical hotel/resort, we rented out an exquisite es house in the North Shore, from the city. When on beach I usually stay in the more secluded area, so it was a nice shift to be tucked away in a more quiet & solitary location. Morning coffee by the beach was a necessity, daily coconut runs were a must , and walks on shore became routine….I was getting used to the island life.

Besides this outfit, I spent all weekend in flip flops & cut off shorts. The other day I went to see the mesmerizing sunrise over the ocean and it was !!






As I was getting acclimated to the island pace of life, I also found myself having difficulties to “dress up”. I mean, why would I need to throw on a pair of heels when I have my flip flops, and a skirt when I have my cut off shorts, right? The early morning was colder and breezier and so I wdecided to catch on a purple lite blazer along with cut off sleek pants and a tee ..A perfect morning walk outfit.

















The last photo is me trying to take instagram photos of drawing my footprints and name of my little space in the sand and having a wave wash it away at the right time… needless to say I never got it quite right haha but I love them ..Ohhh #lifeofablogger #bloggerproblems #travelfun #excoticlife #celebrations #newyear2016

Have a gorgeous year and shine bright !!

🙂 Happy New Year 2016 🙂

Photographs By Shashvat Kumar Photography

Accessory : My love Kishmish


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