The Beach Tamer

Heya lovelies ..This post is my  second New Year post and time for celebrations with my family 🙂 and our loving new member #kishmish ..My baby 🙂

Nothing can compare to the feeling of toes in the sand with the intoxicating lure of the ocean. Last four days of celebration we headed out to Diveager and lounged around on a beach of Arabian blues..the famous Konkan Belt..This was a family outing so went horseback riding on the beach while watching the was possibly the most breathtaking experience ever. Being far from the city and close to nature has really been good for my mind & soul. I’m really feeling relaxed, refreshed, & rejuvenated…sometimes everyone needs a reset button to be re inspired. What better than to start a New year with such refreshing moments.

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.”

 Iam a totally beach girl..I love oceans..seas..beaches..nature..greens..peace..sun..and my wardrobe.My wardrobe consisted of “barely there”beach outfits, The only think I have to could tell myself … that would be, “You are beautiful and sexie”.







If I lay here..

If I just lay here..

Would you lie with me and just forget the World!!





Fast forward 10 years, I can  say that my style has completely evolved since then. Occasionally I will pull out the “barely there” shorts/skirts during the Summer, but for the most part I love playing with different shapes & silhouettes.  Sea green shorts can be so perfect on a beach along with a floral printed shirt I used as a cover up. I love how the clothes were teamed up! They are also perfect for my postpartum body- extremely loose, comfy, yet sophisticated & sexy all at the same time. Shorts are my altime favourites and a saviour..they have a way in making your legs look longer and taller (especially when worn with a pair of heels). I’m usually one to pair a tighter top with loose bottoms, but instead I paired it with an extremely flowy and simple split blank tank. I find it  extremely  attractive when a woman can rock a minimalistic  masculine outfit. It’s powerful, sophisticated, and somewhat bohemian.


I know I say it often but I’m so blessed to be able to live by the beach! The fact that I get to witness such beautiful sunsets is definitely nothing short of a little miracle. Reminding you guys to start this week with a little bit of thankfulness, and to count your blessings no matter how big or small! And remember… “You are beautiful”.

These photos are from the  second day I spent in Diveager with my family. A little colder than the day before but still beautiful to watch the sunset and sunrise.That’s just one of the things that make it so hard to leave Diveager… the sunsets over the ocean are just unreal .

The shorts I had from last year and found them in the back of my closet when I was doing a little cleaning earlier this week. I realized I still like them a lot! Love my new floral shirt which I used as a cover up on beach and can be useful as casual n formals wear as well..( love the multi purpose thing of clothes ) The perfect look for a breezy day in India.

Enjoy the set of pictures beautifully captured by the sunset.

Happy Sunday!!

Floral: Mango Shorts: Forever New Tank: Forever 21: Bracelet:Newlook

Kishmish My precious jewel !

Photographs By Shashvat Kumar Photography

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Richa !!

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