With This Ring I ask You To be Mine!!

They say let there be mad love as there are enough of mediocre things in life.

Hey fellas super excited for this post on such a special day..our engagement day where I present you My Pre Wedding Shoot..!!

Our engagement session was one of the most romantic time spent with my fiance and I have ever spent together!We wanted a day that would allow us to be focused on each other and the sweet commitment we were making but we also wanted an awesome party!

As you know I am hitting the wedding bells soon and finally it is time for me to share my pre wedding shoot pictures. The countdown has begun. You all know from my earlier post how  grown up dreaming of a fairytale wedding and in search of your prince charming. Funny, but true. Shash and I had spent an entire month searching out for that one person who will capture our moments as we wanted our [pictures to be different as well speck out our togetherness and souls.

Our photographer Praveen Bhat from Wedding Twinkles who is more like our friend now and made us look pretty in all pictures. They did a super fantastic job with all fun, young and innovative ideas..we both were in love with their surreal images and zeal. Then comes to choose the location. We zeroed down few of them in Jaipur itself . You guys know I am getting married in Jaipur with all the colours.There go so we wanted the contemporary royal palace Shoots with a rustic and vintage touch.. have always fancied us. The moment we saw Fairmont Jaipur we knew we are getting the best among all . I literary was waiting to have ours shoot at a rustic backdrop..Yes it was ecstatic. Yes it was for once and a lifetime memory.These whimsical portraits and the surreal flow of a rustic pre wedding pictures are to die for …for me !!..for us!! we truly got to feel like nothing else in the world existed but our love.

With the break of dawn we geared up to shoot our very first and most challenging concept bridal shoot. The day shoot against the classic backdrop of the historic location was perfect to capture the whimsical essence of the bride, groom ..Shash and I.
From the elegant ensembles to elaborate decor, we loved our sophisticated looks. Walk into the world of rustic. It was fun capturing the moments days before the D-Day madness. However we did everything from lovey-dovey pictures to using fun props. We scheduled two days for the shoot and have planned four changes including rustic ,traditional,casual and elegant. We are a colourful couple and love playing with colours.

There are cupcakes of happiness exploding inside me as I share all pictures with you.. ❤

1545625_686938447994987_91879151_n (1)




















I’m so happy that we decided to have our shoot in such a magical location and I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous photos I love that our shoot has this feeling of being on some grand adventure because we are! We are adventuring into becoming a family, starting forever and conquering life together as a team.

      Here is the video of “our moments” of togetherness and story of our LOVE !!

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                                                                  Richa ♥ Shashvat

One thought on “With This Ring I ask You To be Mine!!

  1. Hi Richa.

    Thank you for wonderful post. We loved shooting with you guys. You guys were great sport at the shoot and as a result the pics came out really well.
    Thanks for sharing. Love –
    wedding twinkles.


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