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Looking Good Feeling Fab : The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are truly a celebration. This lavish and colorful three-day affair full of vibrancy, love and a whole lot of wow-factor.From the Bride’s intricate Mehendi and gorgeous makeup to the couple’s beautiful outfits and rich, red Hindu ceremony, every detail of this affair is truly stunning. So lets catch up what I wore as a bridemaid.



Having being married I Know incredible stories about Indian weddings. How royal, breathtaking and absolutely gigantically majestic they are. It was full of happiness to gather all together with the family members and experience the fun at weddings. ( PS. This was my first wedding to attend after getting married. So it was special that too in the Royal city of Jaipur.)

Indian wear, to me, is more about tradition, culture, colors and textures. India has a rich textile heritage that dates back centuries. It amazes me how a small change in weaving technique can create such a vivid and beautiful difference in the garment created with it. An Indian wedding is the perfect chance to wear that heritage with pride..however more and more I see Indian wedding parties turning into a western reception, with women clad in the finest gowns and men ditching their regal Bandhgalas and tuxedos.


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