A Little Adrift

Hey fellas, its been long I posted something about one of my travacations. As you all know I belong to the heritage state Rajasthan and its always my utmost pleasure to travel to the beautiful heritage destinations that Rajasthan offers to the world. And as a fact, Rajasthan is royally beautiful and vibrantly colorful with a pinch of different flavors of the traditions and people.

So finally I chalked out a plan to travel to some of the beautiful cities in Rajasthan during the new year time time of December 2014. We planned a trip for 9 days covering the majestic cities of Udaipur, Jaiselmer and Jodhpur. Since it had to be a road trip, we have a gala time riding all the way from Pune to Rajasthan on our eye candy of a ride, Kawasaki Z800. Yes fellas we planned for this Road Trip as both of us share the same passion about travelling and munching miles by roads. ahh Super fun-tabulous!!

The advantages of travel planning in advance are far greater when travelling for distant destinations. Now, considering  any road trip, most of your expenditure will be on accommodation, travel costs(fuels,breakdown assists,emergencies), and short pit stops (such as journey breaks, having food and while-on-ride sight seeing). And hence it becomes indispensable to plan your trip in well in advance. It allows you to make sure you minimize the travel cost and keep yourself on in sync with the plan by following the route and make alterations while on the road, based on information you learn whilst on the highway. Also to make sure one is prepared for adversaries as illness and even changes in the weather as they can affect your plans. Therefore, make sure you think through any small amendments to your itinerary as they could have very costly consequences for the rest of your trip.

The Trip was-

Pune > Vadodra > Jaisalmer > Jodhpur > Mount Abu > Daman 


The Map – Day 1

Pune > Vadodra


Route: NH4-NH8

Our day started quite early ass we left our abode by 5 Am. We had planned to reach Mumbai  (Fountain Hotel) as early as possible to avoid the heavy traffic and quickly have our morning tea there.We managed to crack the distance in time and after refilling, we started with the onward journey. By Lunch time we had reached Vapi(Gujrat) and had our half day meal there at a road side dhaba. Mumbai to Vadodra is an excellent highway to ride/drive as it has some fast lanes to cut through. However, one has to be prepared to face an uncalled for slowness at Bharuch. Its a narrowed bridge and under most circumstances is packed with log distance heavy vehicles and the road gets just narrow enough to let one heavy vehicle pass at one time over the bridge. But we had made up some good ground till now so for us, the halt there was not going to prove of much significance. We had a friend from Vadodra and he had already arranged our stay there. All we had to do was, reach Vadodra before sunset and crash on to beds, which we managed to do without stretching any timelines.

Map Day 2

Vadodra > Godhra > Modasa > Udaipur


Route SH8-NH8

From Vadodra we had an option of continuing on NH8 all the way till Ahmadabad and eventually till Udaipur. However, it was suggested to take the other route that passes through Godhra – Modasa and joins the NH8 bypassing Ahmadabad. Now this is where friends with local knowledge comes handy. And the route was nothing less than a riders delight. Nil traffic and clean well paved highway is any drives dream come true. I am adding a few pics here and they are the testimony of how much fun this highway was.











Since our first destination was Udaipur and we wanted to reach there well in time, early checkout was very much on cards. We started our journey quite early at 5 Am and kept some limited quantity of quick sacks to munch on our way. The morning was pleasant and we were excited to make to our first destination. The buttery ride with fabulous roads in Gujrat ( awsome Vadodara – Halol Godhra highway NH 59: a must try.) helped us to reach Our Udaipur by afternoon 3PM.

To Be continued…with special post on Udaipur!

Love Birdie!!

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