Zip Lining: Flying in the Sky !!

Some people always want to do something..thats us !!After a couple of weeks making the most of our Thailand stay, and now a few days without itinerary in Bangkok ahead of us, my tiny hope of thoroughly enjoying a meaningless, completely wasted day vanishes instantly.My better half has just waited for this question, assuming it means that I am as excited as he is over the idea of doing something. He has started browsing through a multitude of activities to be done in Phuket and mumbles away, deeply engaged in discussions with himself about the pro’s and con’s, until cometh the “Eureka”-moment, and with a rather meaningful voice he declares: “Lets go zip-lining!

“We called the day before and we instantly had plans for a zip-line adventure the next morning. There was no turning back now! My one of the bucket list was getting ticked. Yayyy!! 


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“Zip-lining! It’s fun! So a birdie will be flying what she does the best ..- you are attached to a line which is stretched between trees, and you just whizz through the forest, from platform to platform.It does sound like fun as I always wanted to get indulge n some adventure and the possibility of having the pleasure of watching Shash dangling in the middle of a rope between two trees is quite promising. Of course it doesn’t occur to me at all that I could be the one dangling. After all, I’m pretty much a ninja, hehe ?

The next morning we picked up our bike started our GPS and head over to the zip-lining folks at Flying Hanuman. Yes it is an Indian Name which made it more interesting to visit. Awesome.!!It shows that the island’s beauty goes far beyond the sea, sun and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration.We were super cheerful and excited to explore the real rainforest in the Soi Namtok Katu area.

Once we have arrived at the zip-lining base, we get to put all our valuables and general stuff, like the extra jumper I brought just in case it would be very cold (uh-huh), in lockers, after which we get dressed up in security gears given by our guides.. they are really cool, hip, good-looking guys, always cracking a joke…!!

Our guide Goff introduces himself and the other two guys who’ll be taking care of our little seven-people-strong group, and goes through the safety instructions, which are fairly simple: lift your feet when flying towards a platform, and the only one who is allowed to hook you on and off the zip-line are the guides. I can remember that.

Flying Hanuman an adrenaline fuelled ride across 80,000 square meters of forest.A wide variety of trees and small animals occupy the 80,000 square metre plot, and the natural rubber trees are harvested by locals who are still allowed to live on the hillside.

Seeing the site suddenly something else starts bothering me. I’m not afraid of heights, but that doesn’t mean I know how fond I will be of floating several hundred metres above the ground. What if I start screaming uncontrollably? Terrible thought but same time an enthu adventurer in me were struggling.









You can hang around in the front, where they have refreshments and some snacks while you wait for the rest of the people in the party. Once everyone is ready (there were 8 total guests in a group with 3 tour guides), you get into a group followed by a guide in front,mid and at the tail. They take for a trek to the top of what seems like a small mountain and which happens to be our first zip platform. Once you get out, the view is just gorgeous! You Glide with a pulley attached to the cables linked from tree to tree. After which you move over the tree-tops on sky bridge walkways, cable or absail down from phukets tallest trees. What makes this Zip Line tour the best in Thailand is the 400m zip line stretching across the park, on this ride you get to travel at speed of 60km while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Phuket from the tree tops.. Zip-line has 28 total platforms covering over 3.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) of land.You ALMOST forget that you are about to be flying 70+ meters(The tallest cable is 70 meters (225 feet) off the ground! Now we knew we would high in the sky, but we had to idea how far up in the sky we would be!  The longest flite is 400 meters (over 1312 feet)! While you are flying from tree to tree it’s a great place to spot birds, monkeys and sloths, since it’s on a farm away from the city. Unfortunately because we went later in the day, we didn’t see any, so if you are wanting to see some wildlife, we recommend going early in the day while it’s still cool.

They give you a quick overview of how it works, including how to brake with your hand, and then we are set to take off!  It looks easy, but soon they strap you in to the line and tell you to go and you’re in the air just like that! You start off with some “beginner” lines, that are shorter and close to the ground. As you reach each platform, the lines get longer and taller. Before you even realize it you are now flying way above the ground! They take you through some great greenery with some gorgeous views of the bay! With 3 guides, it was very fast paced, there was hardly any waiting around, except to take in the great views from the platforms..




We wish we would have taken our camera but we only had our GoPro. Tip had our GoPro attached to ourselves the whole time and got some great footage.


Price-There are three programs:

Program A with the full 28 platforms followed by lunch at their restaurant Price is 3490 baht.  

Program B with 28 platforms but no lunch and price is 3,250 baht. Add an extra 240 baht if you also want lunch at the jungle restaurant.We chose this plan.

A much shorter Program C with just 16 platforms.Price is 2300 baht.

HoursThere are 4 scheduled adventures per day. 8-11am, 10-2pm, 1-4pm, 3-6pm.

What we wore-Your comfy /Athletic shorts and threefourths , tank tops, tennis shoes or comfy slipons.

What to bring– Close-toed shoes are must  , camera, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, water, and money to tip your guide or to buy drinks at the store

Our tour guides were incredibly helpful and friendly throughout our tour! They were super fun to be around! We had a blast at the Hanuman Flying-line tour and recommend it to anyone who is visiting Phuket! Awesome views, great guides, and fun cables!

Before I can manage to think this all through, Shash has hopped off the platform, Goff quickly checks all my ties and hooks -“Your turn!” and WOOOOHOOOO! – off I zip! With the elegancy of a limp rag I fly towards the platform, and Utt, the other assistant guide, routinely catches me before I hit the tree, just as I’m crying out: “This is AWESOME!”.

The next three ours spin away on the fly – we never really stop, and 28 platforms, 18 zip-lines, 2 sky bridges, 2 abseils ,2 spiral staircases, 1 skyrail and a 20 minute wilderness walk and 1 tree house later, everyone dons a big, fat smile for the closing group photo. We were offered an individual photographs, T shirts and a Bandana from our adventure at the end.Our guides wave us good-bye with a group photographs where we take our harnesses off, get our stuff from the locker – and are lead to a little restaurant where we have a delicious lunch, which, even better, is included in the package!

We’re asked to fill out a little review form on our zip-lining experience, and I honestly have to give 10 out of 10 points on every single question – I loved it!I can’t even decide what I liked best – spending time in the rainforest, the views from the platforms / the tree house, the actual zip-lining, the abseiling, all the laughing and screaming… I do decide that this is an experience I can wholeheartedly recommend – and it’s not even quite over yet!

.So my verdict? It was so much fun that I completely forgot being stuck at the deck and kept slipping off the ground. And throughout the whole time our guides made us feel really safe; constantly checking our equipment, always focused, answering all our questions; yet still goofing around all the time and showing off various crazy zip-lining techniques 




And there you have it – this was my take on zip-lining in the rainforest of Thailand; thanks for reading! Of course you still don’t know how loud YOU are going to scream when you’re flying through the tree-tops! Would you like to try zip-lining? Or have you already done it and adopted “Tarzan” or “Indiana Jones” as your middle name? The comment-section is all yours!

“So has anyone done zip-lining before?”

Photographs by our Go Pro

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