Incognito In the City


“You wanna go where everybody knows your name….” Anyone remember that song? Any Cheers fans out there? Anywho, I always just loved how everyone was together on that day. How it was a place people gathered after work, after a bad day, or to share in good news and a smile. Many of the places around Pune are like that.


It may sound cheesy, but over the last few years we found a few favorite spots we can count on for a good laugh, amazing food, and unique cocktails.On Sunday we met up with our friends who were in the city , for celebrating birthday .The other day we stopped into Incognito for a late lunch/early dinner and had the pleasure of trying out their new market menu, which featured some summer cocktails.

Our list of favorite local spots in Pune, just keeps growing! It was our first time visiting Incognito..A lifestyle Restaurant.The restaurant is owned by Innvenue Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd who also owns Bakers Basket and Polka Dots (which we’re big fans of), so we knew we were in for a treat!

Usually Sundays are our days to “get everything done”…run our errands, do laundry, and get things in order for the week ahead.  So, it was refreshing to catch up with friends over some tasty, local food in a beautiful space. We loved the mix of old charm and modern accents; just think exposed brick and all wooden ambience giving an european feel and an ultimate timeless elegance along with lots of contemporary interiors of light shining . I love the taste of paintings and pictures displayed everywhere . What amazing set of real life characters or movies displayed.Wish to have such decor in my home soon..completely in awe of it.






My lil sis..she is such a poser!!







While you enjoy a spread of flatbreads, fingerling potatoes, and an  array of pasta cooked in different ways.  This was the Simple Thymes cocktail: vodka, thyme simple syrup, and fresh squeezed grape juice.  It was so light and fresh for these hotter days.We were definitely indulging, but I guess that’s what the weekends are for, right?! 😉

One by one colorful dishes of crispy okra, melon gazpacho, and wood fired flatbreads were brought out to us. Once we started to dive into everything Chef joined us, told us a bit about the dishes, and we caught up on life and business. It’s always a pleasure getting to chat with sucha creative people and diving into his restaurant plans and ideas for new menus.

We were all hands up for the warm hospitality and amazing nite. We’re already thinking about our next visit!


Group sizes: 6-12

Good for : A group that wants a relaxed vibe but cares about the quality of food and drinks

Birdie Rating: 5/5

Cheers !!

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