Old World Luxury :The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

So our trip was started and there is so much to see and explore . Also it has to be romantic and fun We decided to start our day with a very pampered place which spoils us in the very beginning  thats what I knew..which later came out to all planned by my boy. It all started with a short cab ride from BTS Saphan Taksin station to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. As from my earlier posts you fllas know this trip was special .

As we reached  near the Chao Praya river..just the glimpse of it from lil far you can make out there is something magical for which I should be prepared. Mandarin is 5 star holetel a renownedly famous. In terms of location, the Mandarin Oriental is a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. Unlike the Kuala Lumpur Oriental hotel, which bears over the river in a majestic sea of light, the Bangkok version is slightly nestled away and surrounded by streets of shops, cafés and even street stalls.However it’s about a 20 minute walk from the nearest metro station, and taxis are constantly passing through, so it’s not hard to get about.


Tip! – We found that a lot of the taxi drivers didn’t understand when we asked them to take us to the Mandarin Oriental. That’s because they simply describe it as Oriental Hotel. So make it easier for the driver and yourself by going prepared.


 After we checked in, we were escorted to our place. This is the first point I’ll tell you about that really blew my mind. I was always getting told that the Mandarin Oriental is known for the 5-star service and here is I have to say, the room looked exactly like the pictures on the website. It was super clean and tidy as expected.  We were also informed that on each day of our stay we would get a different bowl of fruit followed by flowers on the pillow, 2 pieces of nougat in a box .Minutes after settling into our room, we had another knock on the door. This time with welcome drinks of lemongrass and honey, from our own personal butler who informed us that he was at our service any time of the night although we were there for just spending a day but I was total floored by this hospitality. He also offered me a fan as an arrival gift. It was these small touches that really made us feel spoilt. Yes yes we are special as couple!!

This is a phone click !!

 Soon after we washed up and prepared for the feast of a lifetime and quicky get ready for the brunch.Initial views of the buffet left me in awe like I was viewing a miracle. Breakfast at the Riverside Terrace restaurant. Utterly beautiful and super gorgeous view. Each and every view was worth taking pictures and so we got busy taking pictures of everything. We quickly grabbed  our place for two and glanced over all the arrangement. There were several beautiful ice sculptures around a ginormous display of dessert.I took a mental note of what desserts I wanted for later.We decided to go through the menu and what we wanted to stuff on and instead of going through the buffet we decide to let the service come to our table.The first plate of food was great, even without grabbing items from all ends of the buffet somehow they all paired fantastically together. Perhaps this was all planned but I may never know. What stood out about the first plate was the Italian (i being vegan ) and boy got some smoked chicken for himself.






I then consumed all of my platter.So juicy. So tender. So delicious. After this we were feeling pretty whale-like but still managed to get one last plate in with a few assorted items including ham and cheesy potatoes. I still couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing they were. I even  Anyways, when I saw the spread of all the desserts it brought back all those warm fuzzy memories of sweet sweet goodness. I quickly got a plate and loaded it up making sure not to leave any empty space. Macarons, cheesecake, chocolate cake and little custards.I’ll always say it again and again , the Mandarin Oriental cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes ever created and grab hold of pies, cakes and bread pudding.










Overall the entire meal took my breath away. Simply amazing. Then it was time to head over all the corners of Mandarin and spent the wonderful time of the day of togetherness getting pampered from their all available hospitality avenues. We also saw a white wedding taking place right there at the hotel garden. It was beautiful and made me think to remarry right there.


 Tip! – To make the most of your stay, check in as early as possibly at the Mandarin Oriental In our case we wanted to spend a day but will definitely suggest to go for 3 / 4 days of stay .  If you get there early, you can make the most of the hotel pool, have some afternoon tea or even just chill in the plush surroundings of your room. It’s also a great escape from busy Bangkok after a day of sightseeing, so make the most of it.Now all this comes at a price of course. A night’s stay sets you back over £300, so it’s not the kind of place I’d stay at all the time. But it was great to be able to enjoy it for a couple of nights and get world class hospitality.


Here are few highlights from the hotel what we experienced and saw.

  • Outstanding breakfast at the riverside cafe, possibly the best we had in Thailand. Fresh fruits, Asian choices, omelettes/chicken/pasta made to order, desserts excellent five-star service.
  • Fantastic watering hole ‘Bamboo bar’ which also has a daily happy hour — the bartender is one of the best in the country.The Thai restaurant across the river is extremely good, with a great lunchtime buffet .
  • This is for couples …the spa is one of the best in the city (if not the best) Oriental Traditional Signature couples massage.There is a convenient shop inside the hotel where you can get a SIM card for your phone .
  • Location was great, the hotel shuttle boat runs frequently and can take you to the SkyTrain’s Saphan Taksin station.
  • Very helpful in booking us a private long-tail boat tour to visit the temples. This was much better to visit some of Bangkok’s most popular sites.
  • Plenty of complimentary services, such as yoga classes, fresh fruit daily, shuttle service and more, just ask!!

The real value of the stay comes with the hospitality, which was by far the best I’ve experienced so far. We were given garlands of jasmine flowers on arrival and departure a traditional Thai offering.It’s a luxury retreat where comfort is key, the Mandarin Oriental has that down to a tee.

Birdie Review

Taste – 9.5 / Value – 8.2 / Convenience – 9.2 / Service – 9.9

 Hope you enjoy the pictures but believe me they don’t do much of the justice to the beautiful location it is. Definitely will be staying on my next visit.
Love !!

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