Living the Romance of Old Shanghai at Shanghai Mansion

 A must visit on a city trip or stop over in Bangkok is China Town. I don’t think there are any districts that are more busy than this one! So many people on the way to buy groceries or having a tasty bite at one of the many food stalls. The best place to stay the night in China Town in Bangkok is the boutique hotel Shanghai Mansion. This hotel is decorated in the style of Shanghai during the 30’ies! Almost looks like a set for a photoshoot.


Shanghai Mansion is an exceptional hotel. Elegant and unique, it has a very special and romantic atmosphere, and a very strong personality. Definitely an experience in itself! And though it might be difficult to wrap your head around the idea of Shanghai in Bangkok, well, we loved it and our time in the Thai capital was only enriched by our stay here Colorful and Mysterious


Overall, accommodation is very affordable in Thailand.  You can still spend a lot for a high-end hotel or resort but, along with the hostels, even nicer guesthouses and boutique hotels are often a steal compared to home. Which is why, on a recent trip to Bangkok, I decided to take advantage of what money could get us and went to the Shanghai Mansion on Yaowarat Road in the center of China Town.




A little web search showed the boutique hotel will help a lot. The hotel offers five types of rooms with prices on the website ranging from 2,500 – 3,300 baht, or about 4700 INR to 6500 INR. The site also listed several special offers and last-minute deals for as little as 1,790 baht per night.  I then went a step further and lucked out with an even slightly cheaper price using (an accommodation booking and deals site focusing on the Asia-Pacific region). 


First of all, the place is gorgeous with little design details everywhere you looked creating a romantic, and slightly nostalgic, feel . Shanghai Mansion took us by surprise from the very beginning. Nothing but entering the reception, we were served cold drinks. Next, somebody took our luggage to the room. And after catching our breath, we followed…With every room you got a welcome drink, free mini bar including refrigerator with soft drinks, beer, coffee tea and snacks), free WIFI and bath/toiletries set . There are also several unexpected services and surprises like a free tuk tuk shuttle service to three different central locations, free treats available in the hallways, and robes and slippers.and we felt like the experience was worth every baht.





The whole hotel is organized around an indoor pool garden and this is basically the first thing we saw when we arrived at Shanghai Mansion. The pool is teaming with golden fish and algae and its the perfect place to relax with a book in hand.

The pool garden can be seen from every floor. And the hallways are beautifully decorated with more colorful furniture and lamps. But what caught out attention here were the many available Chinese table games the guests could play.






Every time my husband and I took the escalator and entered the lobby of the hotel, it felt like we were stepping inside a refreshing oasis. Every evening the sidewalk in front of our suit was breathtaking.







Words can’t express just how much we LOVED our suite ! We instantly fell head over heels in love with it. The incredibly romantic detail.The attention to detail, design and little luxuries continued in our actual room, which was spacious especially considering being the middle of a big city.  It also had the largest bed along with the added indulgence of an actual bathtub.The interiors are so colorful and full of life. But then there were all the colorful cushions, elegant wallpapers, velvet curtains and the gorgeous lamps…This place has been thoughtfully designed and every piece of detail is so artistic and gorgeous.. We were in love with ambiance of our space . Ohh how much we love such places gives us inspiration to decor our home as well . Every travel inspires us and we learn a lot from each piece of architecture and culture. We constantly look for inspiration for my own house. Hand-made souvenirs, fabrics, reflections, an unexpected design… But I don’t think any other hotel I stayed in ever inspired my as much as Shanghai Mansion from Bangkok. Its colorful interiors, recreating the bygone atmosphere of 1930s Shanghai shaped our dreams, inspired me and amazed us for the whole duration of my stay.










What is now a unique and elegant boutique hotel, was once a Chinese opera house. The building still preserves the charm and character of those times, while adding a striking personal touch.


Shanghai Mansion has heaps of lamps that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This is idea number one I want to implement in the decor of my own house. The stunning paintings portraying Chinese beauties were a second idea I desperately want to borrow for my own house. And last but not least, I fell in love with the intricate wood panels. I’ve never been to Shanghai, but after staying at Shanghai Mansion in Bangkok, I’m sure when the time comes, I will love that city.


And in the evening there was jazz… In the restaurant of the hotel, we enjoyed the most pleasant jazz performances in an intimate and informal atmosphere.



Every morning we had breakfast in this gorgeous setting… Did I mention just how much I liked the colorful decor?

All in all, I would quickly suggest Shanghai Mansion to anyone who wanted a little style for the evening at a affordable price. The hotel is situated in the middle of a row of buildings and my room’s two windows looking out were heavily frosted, since you look straight into a brick wall about a meter away.  That said, the inside of the room felt so nice that you didn’t really care to look out anyway.

Birdie Review

Taste – 9.5 / Value – 10 / Convenience – 9.5 / Service – 9.9

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