Blush Day out with Missa More !!

I logged in to my blog only to realize that I’ve been MIA since forever, but only on my blog . There’s so much happened since I last wrote to you guys. If you’re in touch with me on Instagram  you surely know about my new daily adventures.  Instead I’m back with my most popular edit : a designer update.

I wore this blush Arabian nights top by Missa More on a Sunday last week, when I had a long blush- blush day ahead of me. Not only did it make for a comfortable ensemble, but it had that easy yet stylish vibe to it. I began with my Elle classic pair of black denim along with an edgy neckpiece then took the look  to a comfortable pair of banarsi jootis by Coral haze. They are so comfy and perfect pair to go with either western or Indian outfits. Obviously, the outfit seemed incomplete without a bag, so I grabbed this my all time favorite handbag that I’ve had for like 2 years now By Calvin Clien. It’s so amazing when you rediscover old favorites in your wardrobe and start using them all over again!A pair of big sunglasses yet again by Missa More along with Mac blush style on my lips and I was done ! Needless to say I am Blush Fan always ..I just love this color 🙂 









Hope you’ve seen Missa More’s latest collection! Watch this space for more coming soon with ore of Missa More.  I’d love to know what you guys think of this look!

P.S. I’ll see you guys super soon with a new post, and will hopefully be more regular from next week! Lots of love .

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