Happy New Year Weekend #2017


Happy Holidays! Before I completely sign off online for the weekend, I wanted to stop here and wish you all a wonderful weekend celebrating the arrival of 2017 with your loved ones.


 I’ve been a bit checked out from my love and family and friends and I have to admit, it feels pretty nice. I hope you’re all able to give yourself a break and enjoy this very special time of year and welcome the new year with more of love poring..more ambitions..more celebrations..more excitement..more new adventures..more travels..more leanings..more style doing rounds..more success..more posts..hahaha..more hopes and so on….Goshh I have a long list to get it fulfilled in 2017. You better be pretty cool towards us ❤️

Bang on !! Time to turn off your cell phones, shut down your computers and get outside to enjoy and give back to friends, family, neighbors or even strangers. We are so lucky to have so many blessings in our lives, which makes it essential to share those with others..

Sealed the last working day of 2016 with a Kiss for Forever !! ❤️

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