The Flirty Floral


If the infamous Devil Wears Prada line: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking…” goes through your head every time you see floral fashion come to the forefront at this time of year, you’re not alone. However, I think this gem is far from your predictable spring wrap romantic dress.

Wouldn’t you agree? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always gravitated towards floral numbers whenever I was given an option.There’s always been something that pulls me to the print – whether it’s the combination of colors, the way that it complements a sunny day, or the feminine feel – I just adore floral, especially when they come in the form of flirty, floral for spring and summer. 


I still have those dress of my childhood frocks fill with flowers and bees. Now as an adult, my love for floral has continued. It’s always my first pick once spring rolls around, and I pretty much live in the print throughout the warmer months. ’m currently deep in the throes of trying to build out my wardrobe for Spring. Not to mention, the rain and fun ! I love spring. Wrap dresses have been in rotation for a few seasons now, but this year especially, I’m dying over the fun floral print dresses giving a perfect fit and frame .








I truly appreciate the simplicity of a one-piece look and the fit of this flirty dress can be extremely flattering. The ideal outfit for spring gatherings, bridal showers, beach parties, backyard BBQs,day strollings– they really work for all types of occasions, wouldn’t you agree?

Suddenly I understand the meaning of transitional Spring dressing…and the confusion surrounding it! Should you opt for a faux fur or a trench? Sandal or boot? Each morning, I find myself stalking the weather channel like it’s my job weather being in India or visiting London And because we all know and love a good floral print, I gravitated towards this clout dress with fora sippers and a Marc Jacob red bag current obsession. When in doubt, go for floral!

Though it’s hard to narrow down my favorites, these are some flirty, floral dresses and rompers for spring that I’m currently craving. Chic yet fun, and perfectly fitting for the season. I think they need to find a way into my most of the closet, ASAP.




hook my look

Phase Eight Wrap Dress ::Debenhams :: Bag :: Marc Jacobs :: Footwear:: Debenhams

Photos By Shashvat Kumar

As always let me know what you think of the post, I love to hear if you can get any fashion inspo from these type of favourites posts or if there are any trends/advice you’d like to see featured on here!

17 thoughts on “The Flirty Floral

  1. I have planned to visit London next year with the little one. I hope I can make it. You look beautiful in this dress and loved all the shots


  2. You look so gorgeous in this pretty floral number babes and love how you paired it with a pop of red!!! Totally digging the look.


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