Color Block me Please !


Color blocking is one of the hottest trends this summer for its limitless possibilities and use of beautiful colors. This trend combines two or more colors worn side by side. Color blocking gives you the opportunity to pair colors together and lets you try something new and exciting. I am huge fan of colors and want colors all around me always so yes I love this trend  and my wardrobe is filled with so many colorful attires. And if you are into Color block plus maxi… sign me up dude! Two of my favorite combos rolled into one pretty dress 🙂  Anyone else really into maxi or midi length skirts and dresses this season?


So here I’m with my another spring wardrobe gorgeous ZAFUL shoulder color block maxi dress. I am absolutely in love with the mix of shades of azureous blue, rust is actually rust brown shade with a tinge of tangyness ( the pictures shows it beautifully ) with a pop of neon green FURLA bag (Ohh I am obsessed with it currently ). I wear mostly Petite sizing from ZAFUL and with the adjustable straps in this dress, I was able to wear the length on this dress without any alterations! By dressing up this look with the right accessories, it’s perfect to wear to Spring/Summer date outings or vacations.

I love long dresses and skirts. They are comfy, cute, and you don’t have to shave your legs voila …what is there not to love? I knew I needed to include a maxi dress in my spring line up of knock off sewing. I found this one that I really liked…specifically because this is almost look like a beautiful comfy silky corset worn over a long skirt. I liked the upper waist line giving my body a perfect frame and shaped waist along with a tall frame ..what else is needed more ?? 

How casual this shot is ..but I liked it  🙂 


If you aren’t sure how you should go for it , you might find some my keep points helpful.

1. If you want your colors to pop efficiently, choose both a bright and a muted tone. For example, you could use hot pink with yellow, and white. (The color white is always a great way to add bold definition to any color).

2. Pick colors based on your body type. If you are heavier on lower body, wear darker colors for your bottom half. This can create a great slimming effect. If you have a tummy, avoid horizontal stripes around your mid-section. If you have an hourglass shaped figure, wear your color blocks around your torso to accentuate your lovely curves.

3. Don’t be shy! Have seen some people scared to pair certain colors together like neon green and red  but this trend actually demands unlike colors to be paired along side of each other. This is the time to experiment, so go buck wild!

 4. Do not combine beyond four colors. Otherwise, your outfit will be disorienting to the eye and could look like a mis-matched mess. Although some darker tones can be combined like maroon with back n navy l . it looks pretty great .

5. Pair colors in a way that is natural to YOUR style. I’ve seen red and pink paired before–usually an eye sore. But when the person wears it with confidence and it is true to her personality… it kind of works! Stick with colors you love. If the color combo brings you joy, wear it!

6. You can also color block with your accessories! Try wearing a bright color dress and carrying a contrasting color purse or earrings. Though I was not feeling to go for accessories with this dress so kept my neck bare and instead gave all the attention to super chic Furla bag . I loved flaunting it ..! 

7. Also make sure you aren’t matching the bright clothes with super bright lipstick. I would recommend a light pink or nude shade.

In the end just remember to Be yourself, be bright 🙂 

I hope you guys enjoyed the above set of pictures !!

xoxo Richa


Dress: ZAFUL …they have an amazing collection of dresses or the matter a the fashion wardrobe(love the swimwear collection too ) great quality and affordable is what you will get ..I have ordered more of such numbers with them ..some yet to be shown and some yet to receive. 

PS: Indian fashionistas better to order keeping 15 days of time in hand as it takes time to hold on to those pretty numbers in India.

Footwear : DEBENHAMS

Bag : FURLA..I swear by this brand ..ahhhmazing collection of beauties out there ..I am totally a bag person !!

Photos By Shashvat Kumar

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