An Island Tale: Santorini (Greece)


Travel is vision. So just explore the place and to go ahead with the thought we did a photography tour which was so helpful Olaf our photographer guide took us to untapped villages where we could Talk to locals.And wander and take beautiful photographs. Read More

The Acropolis: Athens (Greece)

Athens is a unique city in my eyes.Going with all the learnings from the books, movies I was pretty impressed by the Greek culture their significance..mythologies ..the food. So visiting the mainland was something that was new to me and I wondered how it might color my impressions of the country as a whole. And whoohoo I was in Athens Read More

Dream A Little Dream : Oia (Santorini)

After our three days in Oia we decided to spend our evening experiencing the most famous Oia Sunset. Lucky being at the top most side of the cliff with the caldera and the best-est windmill suite ever possible. Read More

Candy Coloured Oia : Santorini

Our trip till now is a blast, and definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I feel like I end up saying this quite often, but I am so fascinated by this warm island. It was my first time in Santorini and I was definitely feeling overwhelmed by the awesomeness that this place exudes. So much charm and beauty in these little streets. Read More

Living The Dream : Santorini


Travelling is the biggest luxury and most beautiful thing that exists. My passion, these values, they’re all shared by my man, and that’s the reason why we get along with each other so incredibly well..haha he plans really well .It was something! the island’s cliffs appeared as though they were covered in snow.  It was so gorgeous that it made my heart hypnotise.. I fantasize .. Santorini is idyllic, breathtaking and super romantic. Read More