With This Ring I ask You To be Mine!!

They say let there be mad love as there are enough of mediocre things in life.

Hey fellas super excited for this post on such a special day..our engagement day where I present you My Pre Wedding Shoot..!! Read More

Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Every girl , once in her lifetime has dreamt of that perfect wedding where everything is aptly according to her desire ..from the minute details of  arrangements to the most important element of a bride..Her wedding Dress!! Read More

Finding My Perfect Wedding Dress

Happy Thursday Everyone!

First off, I think wedding planing has officially taken a toll on me…I just realized how exhausted & tired I looked in these pictures! It’s a little over 2 months before the wedding, and I think it’s time to lay off on the caffeine & get some good solid rest and have my bridal routine!! Read More

Pinispiration : Wedding Motherboard

Wedding Moodboard

As you all know, I am newly engaged and am about to be planning a wedding.Today marks exactly 2 months until our wedding. I have spent days in searching for the inspiration for wedding dress , vendors, decor and invitations. I also spent the weekend searching for the venue Read More

Intro As A Couple #wesaidyes : A New Series on Blog

Welcome to the introduction of my new series “WESAIDYES“! I will be updating the whole series as me being in the present and I am planning my wedding to come!! So yes it going to be a past affair with me being in the present !! whuhoo so excited to relive all my moments again !! 🙂 Read More

Save The Date : My Wedding Story

Hello loves!!After a luxuriously quiet weekend going on I think its the perfect time to announce a launch of new series for which I’m soo excited …..Yayyy my Own Wedding Series!!! Read More